In January this year our beautiful 15 month old was diagnosed with a rare 0.9 in one million cancer, Hepatoblastoma. Our worlds and our hearts literally blew apart that day, you never think it could happen to you. Since that day Dawson has tried several different Chemotherapy drugs, none of which are working. In April we were told even whilst on chemo, the Cancer had spread to our baby boys lungs. Our hearts which had slowly started to mend were once again smashed. There was a last chance Chemo to try, Dawson started this that day in April, the side affects of this drug have not been nice for him. As parents, we watched our boy suffer so much, in the hope we were doing this to save him. Yesterday, May 17th 2017, we were told the chemo has had no effect, the lung tumours have increased in size and his Cancer is chemo resistant.

I can’t begin to tell you how I feel, my heart is in a million pieces but for my little boy I need to stay strong and focussed. We are in talks with a Doctor in Cincinnati, he has cured many children who were classed as terminal in the UK. We know if he can save our sweet Dawson, its going to cost hundreds of thousands. We haven’t been given any confirmation or costs yet, only a rough idea, but time is not on our side, we need to have this money in a very short time. Should we get the news he can’t be saved, any money raised will go to good causes such as families like ourselves needing funding.

So the plan is, to spread this as far and wide as possible and get as many people as possible to donate just one dollar/pound. Thats all we ask, one dollar and to share the link. Who misses one dollar/pound? That one dollar could save our babies life. Please, please, just have that coffee at home and put your one pound into saving my Dawsons life.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to anyone who donates or shares.


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